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Since Passo Tonale is in between two natural parks ("ADamello-Brenta Regional Park" at "Stelvio National Park" at North) and we are strongly convinced environment is the primary resource for our bysiness, in 2009 we decided to join the european ECOLABEL certification. This certificate marks hotels which follow a very strict code in order to reduce impact of their business on the nature, thanks to rules and standards concerning energy saving, use of certificated renewable energies, local supplyers of goods and services, collection of items for recycling and so on.

Art.37 Dec. 2003/287/CE

We follow water saving and energy saving rules
We reduce production of any kind of waste
General improvement of the environment

ECOLABEL is given to companies which provides goods or services satisfying strict rules concerning environmental impact and pollution; ECOLABEL is a registered mark of the EU.
Registration number :  IT/025/201


It's an ecological quality mark.

Ecolabel for tourism is born 14th april 2003, when European Commission extended application of the label also to hotels, residence and B&B (Community Law 2003/287/CE).

Ecolabel founds on strict respect of rules and criteria which allow each company which joins it to distinguish at european level for efforces to improve environment quality and gives assurance of the protection and safeguard of the nature around them.

Ecolabel is recognized and applyed in 27 Countries EU members Norway, Island and Liechtenstein

A low environmental impact is referred to the whole cicle of product/service:
PRODUCTS (from raw materials, to working process, to distribution and use, until management of waste.
SERVICES (from purchase of goods, to supplying of services and managing of eventual wastes)

To be sure one service/procuct has ECOLABEL, you have to find the "European flower"


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